Patricia Townsend – Creative States of Mind

A couple of days ago, I was shown a photograph made by Patricia Townsend; a circular image that at first looked kaleidoscopic, then cross-like, then moth-like.  On closer inspection I could see what appeared to be rock and moss.  Then I read the title of Long Meg, a large stone at an ancient circle in Cumbria that I used to visit frequently (a special place for me, having spent much time there).  I found the image captivating, even before having realised where it had been photographed, and looked up the artist’s website when I got home.

Patricia Townsend’s artist statement reveals her interest “… in the interface between landscape or natural phenomena and the internal world of the imagination.”  Her research explores the artist’s creative process and I learned from her website that she launches a new book next year Creative States of Mind: Psychoanalysis and the Artist’s Process in which she presents the creative process

“…. as a series of interconnected and overlapping stages, in which there is a movement between the artist’s inner world, the outer world of shared ‘reality’, and the spaces in-between.” (


(TV sets, video, pebbles; photographic montages; installation of photographs on aluminium). Installation at Borland Gallery Salford (2006). Image source:


I felt immediately drawn to the image I was shown and would have liked to have studied it for longer.  I look forward to reading the book especially as my own images have been taking me a towards the territory of landscape and imagination in recent weeks.

I learned, too, that there is soon to be an exhibition of Patricia Townsend’s work at Brantwood, not too far from me, so I will visit this and write more fully at a later date.

(Thank you Jill for showing me)

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