Imagined landscape photo

Week 9: Reflections on Webinar

After a very busy working day, I had a group tutorial yesterday evening.  I had thought about not attending as it had been such a busy day, but I made myself connect and was glad I did.  I am always a little nervous when putting my own projects out to others as they are always a bit obscure, I feel, and sometimes I become anxious as to what others will make of the work, but I was pleasantly surprised that feedback was positive about the recent imagined landscapes. (One colleague said they would like to buy one which rather took me aback as I hadn’t anticipated that response!)  I found it really encouraging.

I found it useful to listen in to the advice for others, too, especially around what to include in the forthcoming presentations.  I am almost there with my presentation, pending the receipt of some negatives from the processors which (hopefully) I will have time to scan and include – if they are successful.  The additional advice was useful, for example including the recent influence that I discovered whose artist statement I strongly connected with.  I hadn’t thought to do that.

The webinar discussion turned quite technical at times, talking about colour calibrations and correcting white balance, colour palettes etc.  I am aware of these technologies from my degree, but I am not a very technical person generally, and my own setup is not high level in terms of technical equipment;  mine is all rather basic.  I am, however, very open to learning (for example, I have booked myself into an Adobe Photoshop Intensive Week coming up soon which will be useful as I use Photoshop frequently)

I chose not to use the video function for the meeting this time, but the discussion was most useful and it was fascinating to learn about the projects of others.   It always amazes me how discussions with peers stir memories of the work of other photographers, some I have seen several years ago, and I found that I could share a few links of artists and practitioners that I am familiar with. I learned a lot from others, too, and was inspired by the different stylistic approaches of everyone as well as the different approaches to CRJs.  I realised how difficult my CRJ is for other people to navigate and I am looking at ways to improve it.  The problem I have is that I write a great deal of text sometimes, so to have an endlessly scrolling blog page does not work well for me.   I prefer to have the blog separated into posts by date with a featured image for each as I feel this looks much neater and works better for the longer posts.  I recall talking about this approach last module and it was acceptable, under the circumstances of my lengthy word counts, to structure my blog in this way.  In a bid to improve the site, I have today added a dedicated RSS feed for each page so that the posts are instantly filtered for the reader, and have improved the menu so it should now be easier to navigate.  I will also explore other templates, though, as I may find something more suitable, though I am limited to the free ones.  Time is an issue as I am travelling to Cornwall on 8th and working 6th & 7th, so I have set my own deadline for 5th December.  Wit work and other commitments I think I only have 4 full days left to complete everything.

Overall, I really enjoyed the webinar and afterwards sent emails to two colleagues to continue the discussion as I felt it important to maintain connections with people I felt I could share work with and whose approaches I found interesting.