Multiple images of the same subject matter

Asked to supply multiple images of the same subject matter, I share here some images where I was playing with colour in recent days.  They are not pertaining to any ‘project’, as such, and were instead rather random shots taken out walking.  How the meaning might change given the different visual choices, is in the apparent sense of reality / otherworldliness / abstraction.



Even with ‘naturalistic’ colouration, as icon, the sand and frozen water are perhaps not  immediately obvious.  Once the content is established as such, indexically the image of ice communicates coldness; winter weather.  Symbolically we might interpret this to mean transience, fragility, or even misplacement as ice on beaches is not commonplace.

These small details of ice and sand take on an increased ‘otherworldly’ appearance when their “naturalistic” colour is altered. The material becomes dubious – is the substance represented gel or film, hard or soft?  But how does this affect potential meaning?

My rationale for changing the hue was simply one of play/experimentation, and these images were not intended to be shared as part of any project, rather a visual exploration of my own, brought on as the structures in the image had a strangeness that appeared almost beyond nature, and I felt it might be interesting to see them in other colourways.  Also, to see them with the colour removed completely.

The reception might be one of unfamiliarity in the changed colour images, perhaps even repellant, as the scene may be displeasing.  With the most intense colour change – to a more electric blue (below) – the strangeness is perhaps heightened and the notion of something alien perhaps encroaching the natural world might be read; an unpleasant substance, an out of place-ness.

As black and white images, I felt that the image content took on an almost man-made, more sculptured appearance, the darkened shadow enhanced the regularity of the triangular shapes, which are not as one might expect in a natural beach environment.  This option may possibly be more acceptable and could potentially be read as signs of strength in shape and structure.