A few thoughts

As random as my approach to photographing often seems, as I look back through some of the artists, writers and photographers who have provided me with inspiration in recent months, I am noticing some patterns emerging. I continue to be drawn to what I might describe as quiet practitioners, and those using photography in less-than-traditional ways, sculptural, surreal or abstract.  I continue to be drawn also to those exploring philosophical ideas. Overall, I still feel I am treading an experimental path. I am not sure this will ever change as every single day feels like an experiment, bringing with it new ideas, new thoughts, new inspirations.

Photographs have had so much done to them over recent years, as creative practitioners work to establish a place for themselves, seeking a new visual style with which to make their mark. I am always very interested to see others’ stylistic approaches, but sometimes I think there is a pressure to find a whole new way to visually present work, cutting it, shredding it, burning it, or setting it in concrete, whatever it may be.  In some cases it may be absolutely relevant, even necessary, to do this, but I sometimes find myself looking for the link, asking why the maker has used this particular method or created the image on a certain scale.  I remind myself that sometimes a photograph can be a photograph.

Of my own photographs, I have always tended to work in a way that I feel is rather impulsive, quite ‘automatic’, allowing ideas to quickly form and ripen for a short while only, then they are gone. Often, at present, these are digital images as I can freely experiment this way, though I do enjoy working with film too.  There are sometimes ideas which come along and hang on, they simmer, and I find myself coming back to them eventually. Then there are some which I never ever have the space or resources to carry through. Sometimes I pluck ideas from dreams, too.

I have done much wondering since May, wondering why I am they way I am, why things are the way they are, where this chain of experiences is taking me.  A period of illness threw me a bit. I have been taking photographs but I have found that my image-making has been reflecting my sense of limitation at the present time (there are some examples below, in no particular order.) These are not project work but they happened and I suppose I am putting them here to indicate that my camera keeps on going, regardless!). I have some new work too which I will share separately as they need a separate explanation and are quite different.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about them.  Hopefully I will find a moment to upload them in the next few days.

As for the following, they are just moments of feeling unwell. I’d like to let them go again now.