Dafna Talmor – Constructed landscapes

Having thought recently about landscape and its constructed nature, I found Dafna Talmor’s photographs called Constructed Landscapes.  Talmor’s images are each made from more than one negative, creating strange-world compositions which reveal openly the material aspect of the photograph, while at the same time allowing our own minds to piece together whole landscapes.

As I looked at these photographs, I searched for snow, sand, sky, rock, constantly aware that I was looking at parts of different images, but seeming to want the image to be whole(I thought here of Arnheim and Gestalt theory which I haven’t visited for a long time – I will pick this up again later).

“The landscape is non-descript, but it is formed and conditioned by human actors. The spaces of Talmor’s photographs do not need to be identified, precisely because they take as their subject not a place that we can distance ourselves from, but somewhere larger, beyond place: a landscape always already constructed and contested, that we are part of, whatever our connection to it. We must piece the landscape together in order to understand it. We’ve made it that way, after all.” (Woolridge, ND, 1000wordsmag.com)


Images by Dafna Talmor from the Constructed Landscapes I series.  Available at: http://www.dafnatalmor.co.uk/constructed-landscapes-i.html

Woolridge, D. (ND) Dafna Talmor: Constructed landscapes. Available at: http://www.1000wordsmag.com/dafna-talmor/ (Accessed 15 March 2019)