Week 5: Roadmaps

Julie Dawn Dennis 35mm snapshot of country road with sun

Roadmap task

  • Keywords:
    Mechanisation, repetition, limitation, escapism, creativity
  • Methods/methodology to be explored:
    Combining photography with other mediums to express a sense of limitation and breaking away from that.  Possibly developing this further down the line into a collaborative project.
  • Number of shoots you will need:
    I plan to shoot at at least two sites in the coming weeks.
  • Possible outcomes and where to show them;
    I will make my own publication with the first stage of this project and will show images online through blog, website, etc. Ideally I will exhibit the work locally also and have some venues in mind which I have worked with previously, in some capacity, whom I could approach.
  • The results you are looking for/expecting;
    I am looking for a consistent black and white project which I will work with combining other media.
  • The relationship between this work/project and overall research for the MA.
    My MA research has gone full circle in some ways, in that before coming on the course I was considering ideas around the processes of photographic practice from a human perspective, in terms of action and output.  I ended up, however, creating numerous small projects including some intimate landscape work due to a very challenging year personally (which naturally affected my output).  I am back at the beginning in some ways as I continue to have a strong interest in industrial locations and the ideas of mechanisation and creativity and have settled upon this as a way forward for this course.  I see this as the first stage of a larger  collaborative project for the FMP.