Guest Lecture: Siân Davey (July 18) / Photographing as a Mother

As a mother, I have sometimes felt uncomfortable including my children in photographs, as they often express a wish not to be photographed which I have honoured. The photographs I have, have not been shared very much, but I am always inspired by women photographers who do take on the domestic sphere as a subject for photography project work. Continue reading “Guest Lecture: Siân Davey (July 18) / Photographing as a Mother”

“This is you here” – Albarrán Cabrera

Today I discovered the work of Albarrán Cabrera and was immediately captivated by it.  Their ongoing project “This is you here” began when the photographers discovered some old underexposed family snapshots and they began to question the identities of the individuals in the portraits, as well as the fragile concept of memory.   Continue reading ““This is you here” – Albarrán Cabrera”

Collaboration in Photography

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, (2008), The Day Nobody Died II (detail from The Day Nobody Died, 2008)

I haven’t planned a collaboration with another photographer on a project before.  I have once or twice worked on group exhibitions, with a designer on a book project, contributed to projects led by other artists, and have shared gallery spaces – all were collaborative experiences, and yet, to me, it has still felt very much a lone path.  This is contradictory to my working life which is very much about collaborative and partnership working, for example, working for charities. Continue reading “Collaboration in Photography”