Week 10: Communicating our practice

One of this week’s tasks was to reflect on an aspects of the practitioner interview and write a 200 word (maximum) statement to articulate a theoretical position on your practice. Not as a comprehensive summation but a concise insight into an aspect of our practice or a motivation. I find such tasks very useful as they force focus on conveying to others what I am doing and why I am doing it. Continue reading

Sally Mann image The Turn (2005)

Week 9: Looking at, responding to, and talking about photographs – The work of Tierney Gearon and Sally Mann

Part of Week 9: Looking at, responding to, and talking about photographs –
The work of Tierney Gearon and Sally Mann

(Note: This post is my brief response to this work having not considered it for a long while.  There are many psychological theories which could come into a detailed analysis, and more understanding of the ‘maternal gaze’ would be required. ) Continue reading

A brief collaboration / a new experience: Looking for Derges

Looking for Derges: Andrew Brown / Julie Dawn Dennis / Michael Turner

When, in week 4, we were asked to post an image that could be a seed for collaboration, Susan Derges sprang quickly to mind. I had vivid recollections of her series’ such as Tide Pools and River Taw, and felt this might be interesting to put forward to others in the cohort.  It also seemed particularly relevant as Derges is a collaborator both with her environment – immersing herself and her materials within nature – and working positively with others in areas where there are self-confessed gaps in her knowledge. Continue reading

The Global Image

Reflective journal entry

Reading the Talis Resource List texts for Week One, I was inspired to pull out my old copy of the David Bate book which I haven’t read for a while.  It is good for me to get back into reading my photography texts after something of a gap.  I know that I should be reading the latest edition, but my work this week meant that taking a physical copy of the book with me was more practical and so I carried to work with me my 2009 edition of Bate’s Photography: The Key Concepts. Continue reading