‘I’ve seen around the world today’

Appropriated from moving image productions, here are ‘new’ scenes which see beyond a TV screen to the featured place itself, framing each scene as if I had been there.  The images came about during a recent period of illness during which I was unable to physically place myself in the landscape.  They also reflect my mediated experience of the wider world, having never had the opportunity to travel very far.  In addition to the idea of the image world as a ‘destination’, the omission of human presence within the content of these images is intentionally contradictory, allowing it to act also as a comment on human impact on the environment as a result of mass awareness via the media. Continue reading “‘I’ve seen around the world today’”

Week 11: Researching good practice – the Proposal

I have never before sat back and thought about my involvement with proposal writing.  When we were asked to look at approaches to project proposals, it was almost as if a lightbulb came on in my head when I realised I have actually done quite a few of these over the years. It seems I have a tendency to file such experiences away in my mind somewhere and forget about them, rather than developing confidence in my abilities as others might.  (I am working on this!) Continue reading “Week 11: Researching good practice – the Proposal”

An unexpected junction

It is strange how sometimes an idea hits you like a bolt of lightning. I was ticking on with my text and image project when I discovered at a junk stall last weekend a small Victorian postcard featuring a type of peep show entertainer.  I couldn’t help but be fascinated and it is leading me quite suddenly along another path. It is a path I have tentatively travelled in some ways, as it leads me back to the constructed image, something I explored in Rooms (2013). Continue reading “An unexpected junction”

Flexibility / Change

From the outset, the flexibility of this course has proven necessary.  A sudden family situation in June left me changing location, staying 450 miles from my home, and has naturally impacted upon my day-to-day availability.  Had I attended a campus-based course this would likely have been unmanageable, but with this type of flexible learning I have been able to access the resources whenever I have found a moment. Continue reading “Flexibility / Change”

A brief collaboration / a new experience: Looking for Derges

Looking for Derges: Andrew Brown / Julie Dawn Dennis / Michael Turner

When, in week 4, we were asked to post an image that could be a seed for collaboration, Susan Derges sprang quickly to mind. I had vivid recollections of her series’ such as Tide Pools and River Taw, and felt this might be interesting to put forward to others in the cohort.  It also seemed particularly relevant as Derges is a collaborator both with her environment – immersing herself and her materials within nature – and working positively with others in areas where there are self-confessed gaps in her knowledge. Continue reading “A brief collaboration / a new experience: Looking for Derges”