McLuhan and Fiore: “Professionalism is environmental.  Amateurism is anti-environmental.”

McLuhan and Fiore’s book, The Medium is the Massage, is an assortment of layouts, images and ideas around the effects of technology and mass media on the ‘public’ and the individual.  It challenges structures of education and media replication, encourages freedom, and respects pre-technological approaches to visual art and tangible forms of communication, acknowledging ocularcentricity in human society: Continue reading

Brief notes on The Blue Room

“… all these years later I was back again, on my knees in a muddy cotton field searching for what had once been, with no real understanding of why I was doing this, no clear reason for doing it, except that in growing older I’d taken to remembering much too much about the past one day, nothing at all the next.” (2008, p163) Continue reading