Notes on Daniel Gustav Cramer’s ‘Trilogy’

Cramer’s images are grouped under three titles:  Woodland, Underwater and Mountain, and many opinions of the works have generated since their exhibition.  The images of seemingly uninhabited/uninhabitable wildernesses – apparently natural scenes of immeasurable scale – seem to unnerve us, stirring our inner fears. It is as though we are disoriented. Continue reading “Notes on Daniel Gustav Cramer’s ‘Trilogy’”

McLuhan and Fiore: “Professionalism is environmental.  Amateurism is anti-environmental.”

McLuhan and Fiore’s book, The Medium is the Massage, is an assortment of layouts, images and ideas around the effects of technology and mass media on the ‘public’ and the individual.  It challenges structures of education and media replication, encourages freedom, and respects pre-technological approaches to visual art and tangible forms of communication, acknowledging ocularcentricity in human society: Continue reading “McLuhan and Fiore: “Professionalism is environmental.  Amateurism is anti-environmental.””

Dafna Talmor – Constructed landscapes

Having thought recently about landscape and its constructed nature, I found Dafna Talmor’s photographs called Constructed Landscapes.  Talmor’s images are each made from more than one negative, creating strange-world compositions which reveal openly the material aspect of the photograph, while at the same time allowing our own minds to piece together whole landscapes.

Continue reading “Dafna Talmor – Constructed landscapes”