The timing of this module has held some personal challenges which, naturally, have impacted upon recent themes and thought processes.  To make a video for the unmarked assignment was difficult as I was unwell, and I do feel, though it shows a lot of output for the last few months, it is not successful in conveying anything particularly concrete about where I may be headed.  I simply couldn’t think in those terms at that time. It was, however, still a very useful process; it allowed me to take stock of where I am at the present time even if I couldn’t quite look forward at the time of making.  It has made me realise how, photographically, I have kept very busy so far this module. I think partly this busy-ness was a strategy for distracting myself from a physical health issue (which is now much improved, I am relieved to say). Continue reading

The gallery is one space in the town or city which “can break the circuit, arrest the flow, by encouraging us to contemplate a still, or at least a slow, image.”

The subject of photographs as art, photographs in galleries, photographs as having monetary value, photographs as replicable objects etc. continues to be brought under scrutiny.  It is evidence for me of the sheer speed of photography’s spread and capabilities as a technology.  Continue reading

McLuhan and Fiore: “Professionalism is environmental.  Amateurism is anti-environmental.”

McLuhan and Fiore’s book, The Medium is the Massage, is an assortment of layouts, images and ideas around the effects of technology and mass media on the ‘public’ and the individual.  It challenges structures of education and media replication, encourages freedom, and respects pre-technological approaches to visual art and tangible forms of communication, acknowledging ocularcentricity in human society: Continue reading