Multiple images of the same subject matter

Asked to supply multiple images of the same subject matter, I share here some images where I was playing with colour in recent days.  They are not pertaining to any ‘project’, as such, and were instead rather random shots taken out walking.  How the meaning might change given the different visual choices, is in the apparent sense of reality / otherworldliness / abstraction.

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Thinking about the ‘photographic’ nature of practice

This week’s presentation raised the question of what a photograph is, with the task of writing a post on the inherent characteristics and contexts of the ‘photographic’ nature of our own practice.  There was much food for thought in the presentation, including reference to a 2014 exhibition at the International Centre for Photography, New York entitled What is a Photograph? curated by Carol Squiers. Continue reading

Beginning ‘Informing Contexts’

Though I did not know it at the time, my involvement with photography began as part of a process of survival and escapism; a way of gaining a sense of control of events in a difficult family environment.  My choice as a child was to look through an aperture and see a tinted and distorted version of reality, a reduced version of my environment, an experience which gave me a sense of fantasy and magic.

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