“The passion for utilising and finding meaning in any national or personal trauma or catastrophe is perhaps one of the main driving forces of the human spirit”

I found this text from an exhibition called Catastrophe and the Power of Art held at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo earlier this year.  The exhibition included photography, for example the directly representational works of Naoya Hatakeyama, who photographed after earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku.  “It is as though the artists saw no point in altering perception since the catastrophe itself already provided the mediation between them and the normal state of things, the “real” life before the mess.  […] Continue reading

Making “visible the effects of institutional gazes and societal frames through their impact upon the individual.”

Thinking of Jo Spence and how illness became a dominant feature in her practice after being diagnosed with cancer, I find it inspirational how she continued to commit to her practice and to collaborate with others during the course of her illness, expressing her experience and her feelings as she faced the most difficult test, using her experience constructively as far as she possibly could.  Her work addresses the sense of ownership of ones body, as doctors do with it what they will, Continue reading

“But I can’t let go of the desire, the impulse, to want to believe in a society where things really will get better.” (Goldberg)

Photographers often aim to help change the world by telling the stories of others, as in Jim Goldberg’s Rich and Poor where his photographic portraits make visible the experiences of people at both end of the wealth spectrum. The images, first published in 1985, then reissued almost three decades later at cost of $90 a book, include handwritten text added by the subjects themselves. Continue reading

Returning to the elements

Returning to the landscape I find solace in whispering winds, birdsong, water rushing by.  An uninterrupted immersion. A shared world.  Beauty.  Light.  Being in the landscape restores my faith in many things. My photographs at this time capture the last moments of sun. There is magic in this time of day for me. Continue reading