Margaret Watkins: Beauty in the Domestic

Believed to be one of the first woman photographers to work in the commercial world of advertising, Margaret Watkins' modernist work of the early 20th century often featured ordinary objects.   Watkins lived a solitary and unconventional life, details of which were reflected in her work.'The Kitchen Sink' (1919) had a mixed reception in its time … Continue reading Margaret Watkins: Beauty in the Domestic

Photography Centre at the V&A

Opened 12th October 2018, the new Photography Centre at the V&A centre takes visitors through the history of photography, beginning pre-photography with a heliograph on pewter, heliography being the early 19th Century process invented by Niépce. The exhibition follows photography's history with a fascinating collection of images and artefacts.  There is a magical display of … Continue reading Photography Centre at the V&A