Homescapes: Chen Shaoxiong’s constructed scenes

At the V&A this week, I saw a work from Homescapes (2002) by Chinese artist Chen Shaoxiong (1962-2016).  These collages of photographic cutouts recreate scenes from Chinese life, but the cutouts have been curated to form scenes that do not appear functional; instead each element is placed within space, making each work to be like an exhibition within itself.

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Patricia Townsend – Creative States of Mind

A couple of days ago, I was shown a photograph made by Patricia Townsend; a circular image that at first looked kaleidoscopic, then cross-like, then moth-like.  On closer inspection I could see what appeared to be rock and moss.  Then I read the title of Long Meg, a large stone at an ancient circle in Cumbria that I used to visit frequently Continue reading “Patricia Townsend – Creative States of Mind”