Garnett, Meiselas and the Molotov man

In 2003, artist Joy Garnett created a work from a photograph she found online, a painting of a man with anger in his face and an explosive in his hand, seemingly about to launch it.  There are no clues as to the man’s cause in the painting, or no reference to its source.  When a gallery promoted this work as part of an exhibition in 2004, what ensued was a debate around the use of reportage photographs in art and a questioning of the importance of retaining context. Continue reading


Repeat photography

To revisit and rephotograph a scene is a well used technique today, to illustrate difference over a period of time, for example in melting arctic ice or scenes of deforestation.  We often see ‘then and now’ photographs as illustrators of climate change, used to show negative impacts on the planet, but also sometimes to indicate a positive change, perhaps where a species have recovered, a site has been restored, or nature has reclaimed a site after man has abandoned it.  Continue reading