Thinking about AI: Anna Ridler’s Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Tulips)

Anna Ridler’s Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Tulips), Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.

On entering the gallery, I was immediately drawn to a meticulous grid of small photographs, each featuring a different type of tulip flower.  To reflect the taxonomic diversity of these flowers, beneath each image is also written a basic description as to whether it is pink, striped etc.  This exhibit proved fascinating in its own right, but I later learned that these images were taken and labelled by hand in order to feed them into a program which would learn from them, and would then design its own tulip flowers using artificial intelligence. Continue reading “Thinking about AI: Anna Ridler’s Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Tulips)”

Guillaume Amat: ‘Showing you the trick’

Guillaume Amat’s photographs involve the use of mirrors, positioned in such a way that they reveal details from beyond the frame.  Amat is careful to present details which correspond with the image itself, his practice involving the assistance of others to position the mirrors.  In the project ‘Open fields’  the process of framing is therefore doubled, as Amat works with great detail to create an image within an image, captured at the same moment. Continue reading “Guillaume Amat: ‘Showing you the trick’”