My initial notes after standing on the water’s edge:

‘The birds have mostly settled for the night, and their end of day conversation takes place by a pool near the viaduct.

They are just shadows now.

I can see both the water and the sky layered in peach. The air is cool and still, and I am enjoying looking.

About twenty feet away, a fish leaps – for a fly, I presume. An ellipse of ripples spreads in front of me. Fish begin to leap in other parts too, unaware of their own criss-cross patterns.

I watch the surface bend and flatten.

I think now about the creatures churning a few feet down, the flatties, the shrimps, the shore crabs. Eating, fighting, surviving.

Then, what appears to be a serpent sidewinds towards me through the water.

It is a vapour trail from a plane above, closely followed by a second. It reaches the water’s edge, and disappears.

I suddenly become aware that there are not only creatures below me, but people above, too.

I stop being me.

I remember how difficult things are.’





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Then the woodland brought a new kind of interruption.  The same thread, but another way of looking at things:


It doesn’t matter where I look.

Again I find the surface broken.