Things just seem to happen, don’t they?  I didn’t intend for this project.  I just went out with my camera in a bid to open myself up to photography after reaching something of a hurdle –  I had lost my footing for a little while. Not knowing where I wanted to go with my initial MA project, I just walked and allowed myself to respond to my surroundings.  My camera provided me with a different view on the world while thoughts rattled in my head.

Only now, on reviewing the images from the different walks I took at that time, I realise that I was particularly receptive to the elements of nature, of earth, air, fire, water.  I knew that these images were related to my personal circumstances, but, after reluctantly having to give up a different postgrad course, I wonder now if I was also attempting to bring myself back to the very basics, getting myself ready to begin again creatively.  If so, the process seems to have worked. New ideas are coming, and I feel content with my decision to start anew.