Imagined Landscapes

After using two or three different cameras to look in a different way, I then found myself changing the images I had made using digital manipulation. The results were of planetary or cellular appearance, and in some ways echo an earlier project I made using a small plastic camera (Sea/Planet, 2013).  They also connect to some experimental work I was doing last year relating to the origins of life.  At the time, I was looking at artists crossing disciplines of art and science to explore this theme, and created one or two experimental paintings.  This work is reflective of the processes of my own imagination, and a bringing together of different moments in history through the overlap of old analogue cameras and digital photography.  It is also a reminder to myself of my own smallness / insignificance in the grand scheme of things, and of the constant searching that is part of my nature, part of human nature.

“It is precisely the obscurity of the box which motivates photographers to take photographs.  They lose themselves, it is true, inside the camera in search of possibilities …”

(Vilem Flusser – Towards a Philosophy of Photography)


Earlier experiments: