Exploring Surrealism

October 2018

An exploration: Intentional blurring of myself / the domestic environment. Not a project, nor intended to be one (at this stage) but a response to recent reading.  It may all seem very random to the external viewer, but this is all part of research and experimentation into my proposed project which is unlikely to finish up as a set of straightforward images (although, who knows where the ideas will eventually land?) I discovered one or two artists working in the Surrealist movement during my undergraduate course, but this is the first time I have begun to read on the subject.

DSC_1110hairDSC_1131hair web








After seeing/reading/thinking about Francesca Woodman’s work yesterday,  it played a part in my dreams; I awoke in the early hours and, half asleep, scribbled down the following short poem on a scrap of paper by the bed.

I wasn’t going to include it in this blog, but on reflection it came about as a result of studying her work and so I feel it forms a part of my notes.


“Where do you live?” she softly asks.
“Nowhere” I reply.
In-out-ness is my place, for
I am pushed and pulled between.”

“Are you happy in your place?”
she asks, uncertainly.
“Oh, it’s everything,” I say.
It is beauty, joy and pain.”

“When will I see your place?”
she asks, in anxious tone.
“You can’t come here,” I sigh.
In-out-ness is my own.”


Experiments looking through at myself. I had been to a Rodin exhibition and read of his approach to fragmented bodies.  I think this must have had some influence on my thinking.


contact sheet surrealist photography fragmented bodies

September 2018

I had a late walk and as I stepped it seemed that the cracks in the path were glowing in the low light.  I photographed a number of them, and on review there was a certain humanness about the images.  The hairlike grass forced its way through wherever it possibly could; strength and resilience in a tough landscape. I do not usually play with post production effects, and I don’t know why, but I found myself inverting the images.  It was play.  The lines are the textured concrete.



Summer 2018:

These images were taken in late June, but not shared at that time.  I have a tendency to hold back with images, and putting work out quickly is not something I am very good at, hence my lack of engagement with social media photo sites, I suspect.  I like to think about things before others see them.

I had forgotten about these.  I had photographed flowers ‘looking’ in the mirror.  How strange that only last week I found Dorothea Tanning’s work.

ContactSheet-001 mirrors flowers mother


This was a summer experimentation, too; a representation of self in nature, in rather random use of the camera, hence some blurred images. These also came about before my more recent readings on surrealism and losing oneself in ones environment.





This image came about when I began to play with the idea of constructed image again.

self in nature6 web