Hanami of my own

Though not cherry blossom, this beautiful tree caught my attention.  I think it is the blossom of the greengage tree.  It was covered with flowers, and the more attention I paid to them the more I appreciated each one’s uniqueness and delicate structure.  The blossom had already started to fall and tiny white petals littered the ground.  It led me to think of the Japanese cherry blossom season. Known as Hanami  花見, “flower viewing” the cherry blossom festival in Japan is a shared opportunity to observe this brief spectacle of spring, and to appreciate life, respect nature and acknowledge the impermanence of all living things.

“For the Japanese, the fragility and short life of the flowers – no more than two weeks – was a source of poignant emotion. This is the mono no aware (literally, the pathos of things), an emotion that combines amazement in the face of great beauty and melancholy for its transience, a symbol of the fragility of life itself.” (asianews.it, 2018)


My current experience is one of ongoing pain.  Pain is naturally a strong reminder of ones own fragility and mortality, and to see the greengage blossom evoked many thoughts about time and about life.


Post-op, a couple of weeks later, I revisited the same greengage tree.  How quickly the flowers are replaced by leaves.

After the blossom:


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