18 March 2019

I went to a nature reserve a couple of weeks ago.  I have never been to one like it before.  There were so many people photographing tiny birds which had been fed scatterings of  mealworms to attract them.  I was struck by the way the people moved around the place, stopping to gather in a group whenever and wherever a bird landed to feed, pulling their cameras to their faces all at once in a kind of ‘curated’ wildlife experience.  Robins, finches, anything.  I am not used to this, instead I am more used to finding remote countryside places, and this was a new experience for me.  Some images resulted from this day, reflecting the omni presence of the camera.  The experience deepens my desire to unpick photography a little more.

Omni #1


Omni #2
Omni #3
Omni #4
Omni #5