My project unfolds.  I still feel that I need to apply text to this work at the moment, and once I get beyond that point, it will likely reach another junction.

Much text has come to mind over the last few days and I am constantly noting these ideas down, scribbled into a little book, or on any piece of paper I can put my hand on at the time.

At present I do not have a printer of my own, so I ordered some print samples a week or so ago from an art printer, and experimented with a small line of handwriting on them all.  I have just ordered some test prints made onto Aquarelle Rag watercolour paper as this worked out well with the ink for writing as well as being suited to the painterly textures in the woodland work.  It also meant I had to install the right print profiles and convert the images for submission to the printer, something I haven’t done for a long time so it was good to refresh my memory of this technical detail.

DSC_9926from Interruptions #2

This project is a movement away from the earlier water work in some ways, but it’s really all tied together.  The working title has changed too, to Interruptions for the time being.  Where will it go next?  I wonder.  It’s a bit like being carried by something.  I just go with it.




I tried the rag paper.  I like the texture and the depth that it gives.  It takes handwritten ink well, too.  I applied some phrases that I had jotted down, mainly early morning as I tend to wake around 4am.  I had 5 10×8 prints made initially and tried out some text on them.



The text element is continuing to change.  I must, however finalise this work. I have new ideas buzzing in my mind.  My aim is to complete this to a standard I am happy with.  I do, however, continue to build this also.  I have images from another day’s impulsive camera work.  It seems I am covering the elements even though I never set out to do so.  I have a whole series now, of fire, earth, air and water.  I am reducing myself.



A few nights ago, I woke with some lines of poetry buzzing in my head.  I scribbled them, and the next day found that they were the words I had been looking for.

4_10x8_crossed trunks