Thinking about the ‘photographic’ nature of practice

This week’s presentation raised the question of what a photograph is, with the task of writing a post on the inherent characteristics and contexts of the ‘photographic’ nature of our own practice.  There was much food for thought in the presentation, including reference to a 2014 exhibition at the International Centre for Photography, New York entitled What is a Photograph? curated by Carol Squiers. Continue reading “Thinking about the ‘photographic’ nature of practice”

Patricia Townsend – Creative States of Mind

A couple of days ago, I was shown a photograph made by Patricia Townsend; a circular image that at first looked kaleidoscopic, then cross-like, then moth-like.  On closer inspection I could see what appeared to be rock and moss.  Then I read the title of Long Meg, a large stone at an ancient circle in Cumbria that I used to visit frequently Continue reading “Patricia Townsend – Creative States of Mind”