The complication of simplicity: A negotiated reading

Continuing to look at the way meaning is conveyed through advertising, the tagline for this  coconut water product in one poster is “our plant is a plant”, referring to the source of the drink as being a naturally grown plant product.  We are immediately drawn to the bold background colour, similar to that of a clear blue sky, an echo of the representation of sky within the image on the featured product packaging, suggesting a connection between “an object and a world” (Williamson, p37). Continue reading “The complication of simplicity: A negotiated reading”

Notes on ‘Into the image world’: The Man on the Moon

In this week’s presentation we considered the 2015 John Lewis Christmas TV advert featuring a man living on the moon who engages with a family on earth.  Charities and brands occasionally form links as part of their marketing strategy for example in the John Lewis advert which includes a reference to the charity Age UK.  The advertisement itself adopts a visual aesthetic and soundtrack to suggest loneliness with the logo of Age UK appearing briefly at the end.  The advertisement was a firm favourite of many viewers that year, but one might question the altruism of such partnerships, when ultimately the advertisement is designed to gain profit for the commercial partner.   Continue reading “Notes on ‘Into the image world’: The Man on the Moon”