A photographer’s gaze

The term gaze is frequently used in photography theory, applied by those seeking to explore the spectatorial nature of the image and the image-making process.  Laura Mulvey’s theory of the male gaze in cinema is often referred to in photographic literature.  Mulvey suggests that women are “bound” by and within the deeply embedded male-ness of culture; Continue reading

A reflection on current practice

The camera is/has been many things to me, but in recent years has become a kind of ‘aide to thought’. Of the images that result from use of my camera, I still find it very difficult to place them into any particular category of photography, and I can’t seem to consign myself to any one project at a time. I am always thinking about the practice element and in project terms I tend to follow up on the ideas that spring on me at the least expected moments as they form steps to understanding, in their own way.

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