Week 5: Stronger Together / Networks

In response to this week’s networking theme, I have begun to explore the platforms of AoP and RPS via student memberships – I am still exploring the resources available.  I also made myself join Instagram last week @juliedawndennis – I am beginning to get used to it, I think.

The speed of Instagram/social media is something I have to adjust to; I was taken aback to gain followers so quickly and hadn’t expected any in a week (I have just a few, but enough to get started!)  Social media is rather strange to me still, however, there is some great photography and art on the Instagram platform and I am discovering the work of others which is a good thing.

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This book is divided very boldly into sections, as seems to be a theme with books on Surrealism (it seems somehow apt that writers on surrealism must attempt to pin it down each in their own unique way).  There are two main sections WORKS and DOCUMENTS, Continue reading

Image from The Skin Deep website https://the-skin-deep.myshopify.com/

Reflections: Week 2&3

Featured image: The Skin Deep
Available at: https://the-skin-deep.myshopify.com/

Week 2: You are a business
Looking at the business side of things is challenging for me for a few reasons, mainly that I have not got a new business structure in mind at the moment.  That is not to say I would not like to work for myself entirely and I have been involved with self-employment in small capacities.  I am not afraid of this way of working, but I found this task quite difficult to complete at this point in my practice, though it is good to think ahead.

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Emi Anrakuji Just Love

Emi Anrakuji: Dancing with the light

A trained painter, Emi Anrakuji suffered a serious illness and learned photography whilst confined to her bed. Her eyesight was limited by the development of a tumour in her brain, and the photography she produces often has a dreamlike blur, depicting her own body, often exposed, partially revealed.

Following her illness, she placed herself in various locations, exploring her emotions during, and following, recovery. Continue reading